A Buck Wild Ride Into Ecology and Real World Problem Solving
And Know America
Often times a play on words and or a trick of the tail is unheard and or unseen.
The Return 2.5 / Closing Video Clip. Watch now (1 min) | In the afterlife. A long walk on the beach will do. Barefoot or not. I reckon I won’t care.
The Return : Part 2Watch now (2 min) | The Pacific Ocean. And more Sands of Time.
Launching a vessel is a tricky thing.Watch now (13 sec) | A real boat or the kind that takes on a wordy vulnerability. Risk, successively tested, meets reward and failure.
Old Blurry Video was all we had to show for it. Watch now (4 min) | This is a couple years ago already! So hard to catch these ghost fish.
The Sand Dune Jumping / Beach Combing Game…..Watch now (15 sec) | Known as “Naught me favorite buoy”
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